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The Ultimate Implant Seminar Blueprint can dramatically increase your production. We've put together an in-depth video to explain exactly how we doubled our practice in two years! You will benefit by learning from our mistakes and building on our successes.

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Game Changers

Scott Westermeier and Maria Miecyjak have a plan to change the world of dentistry, better serve patients and improve your profits the simplest way possible.

When done efficiently and effectively, dental implants can be the most profitable part of your dental business. But, how do you increase implant patients?

“We had all of this knowledge and ability, we just didn’t have enough people asking for the service,” recalls Scott. “We stumbled through this idea of hosting seminars, did some things well and some things not-so-well, but eventually we realized we were on to something.”

It was that realization that led to the creation of the Ultimate Seminar Blueprint. This step-by-step blueprint has been proven time and again to bring in $50,000 to $100,000 new business each time it is implemented.

“Think of it like a cake recipe,” says Maria. “Without a recipe, you’ll eventually figure out how to make a cake, but by following a recipe you are guaranteed success the first time.”

What's Included

Access the tools that Scott and Maria developed to ensure your Implant Seminar is a success! Inside you will be able to watch a full recorded seminar and learn the insider tricks as Scott and Maria break down all parts of the presentation. Included are checklists, presentations, and other remarkable and innovative success tools that will enable you and your team execute a successful seminar and grow profits!



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Easy money is the best money and that is what you get with our affiliate program. We are so proud of our Ultimate Seminar Blueprint that we want everyone to know about it. If you know someone who could benefit from our program, tell them! If they sign up, we’ll pay you.

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"We did over $300,000 in new implant cases during the first seven months!"

Glenn Schmidt, D.D.S., MS
Riverbend Dental Clinic

"I followed The Ultimate Seminar Blueprint to a tee and it worked like clockwork"

Natalie M
Robert Emilio, D.D.S. & Associates

"Oh, my, our seminar last night was wildly successful!!! Your blueprint was brilliant."

Karen T.
Robinson Dental Group

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